“How To” Videos for AVENTON, as well as other misc. “How To” Videos:

Aventon Ebikes!

(BTW, AVENTON is pronouncedAHVENTON“)
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Any Other Questions, please contact the MANUFACTURER OF YOUR EBIKE.
(Refer to the paperwork in your folder, given to you at point of sale or refer to the links below)

Aventon refer to: https://www.aventon.com/pages/support
Other Aventon Dealers:

Bintelli refer to: https://bintelli.com/contact
Other Bintelli Dealers:

BagiBike refer to: https://bagibike.com/support
Other BagiBike Dealers:

Izip / Raleigh refer to: https://www.izipelectric.com/contact-us
Other Izip/Raleigh Dealers:

QualiSports email: info@qualisports.us
No QualiSports Dealer Link Available